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The Few and the Fearless: A Blog About Roofers

Not just anyone can be a roofer. To excel in this profession, you have to be bold and strong. You must be able to heave a heavy bundle of shingles up a ladder, drive nails into a hard surface, tell the difference between minor and severe damage, and so much more. Roofers do not always get enough credit for the work they do, but one thing is for certain: their work is essential. As you read the articles on this website, we ask that you pay close attention to the vast nature of the work that roofers do. The next time you see a roof, you'll have even more appreciation for it.


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3 Signs It's Time For A Roof Restoration​

Roofing issues can spell trouble for your entire home, making it difficult to weather a bad storm or prevent excessive heating and cooling costs during the hotter and cooler parts of the year. However, by investing in roof restoration, you can avoid problems in the long run and enjoy a more stable, reliable living environment. Here are three times you need a roof restoration. 

1. You Can See Mold and Mildew Growth

When mold and mildew grow on the surface of your roofing shingles, it could be a sign that water isn't draining from your roof properly. While mold and mildew cause their own list of problems, including discoloration and bad odors, they can also be a sign that water is pooling on areas of your roof.

See if you can identify trends on where mold and mildew are growing, and think about trying to pressure-wash those spots to prevent future damage. Although it can be scary to see a little mold growth, it is important to remember that your efforts today could spell a happier home later. 

2. Storm Damage Is Commonplace

When the winds pick up and the trees near your home blow around, it could damage your home quickly, creating problems like broken shingles or damaged flashing. If you feel like you spot more roofing damage every time a storm passes, it is important to have your roofing carefully inspected. 

Ask a professional roofer to check your roof for damage during storm season. If they spot areas that need attention, don't wait to address the problem. By making roof repairs, you can quickly and easily prevent future damage. 

3. You Are Updating Your Home's Exterior

Whenever you start thinking about going through and replacing your home's exterior, it is important to consider a full roof replacement. Roofs work in tandem with the exterior of your home and rain gutters to keep your home's outer envelope airtight and energy efficient. Additionally, replacing your roof at the same time could help you choose complementary colors and textures. 

While it can seem intimidating to start a big project like a roof restoration, getting the job completed early could help you streamline your home and yard, preventing problems like roof collapses, mold and mildew growth, and home wear and tear. Talk with roofing contractors in your area about how to move forward with your project and how to make things simpler for the teams who will come to work on your home.